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Thursday, June 12, 2014

We've done LibreOffice mini Conference 2014 Tokyo/Japan!

Last Saturday, 7th June, I've done LibreOffice mini Conference 2014 Tokyo/Japan!
Group Photo!

First, We really appreciate to Mr. Taisuke Yamada of IIJ, who sponsored the venue of the great conference room.
Of course, also thanks to all speakers, attendees and our great staffs.

Last year we had the first LibreOffice mini-conf but it this year we took a quite different style.

Last year's one focused community works, and all speakers were from our community.  This year, we called for presentation widely, and speakers had submitted it.  This year we have a good 'conference,' not a fee-free seminar by the community :).

And this year's one focused 'become a LibreOffice developer,' so most of all talks were related building LibreOffice.  Good opportunity to check how to build, debug, test LibreOffice.

Let's go through the whole program from the first to the last.

The first talk is "the backyard talk about articles in Nikkei Linux."  Speaker Mr. Tsuraki Tani had a 6 months series of articles about LibreOffice Basic macro and extension in Japanese famous Linux magazine, Nikkei Linux.  He told background and theme of each articles, and their sample codes with lots of jokes.
Tani-san was introducing his LibO Basic macro sample

Then Mr. Takeshi Abe, LibreOffice committer and TDF member, had a hands-on seminar to build LibreOffice on Linux or Mac OS X, from preparing the build environment to running and running generated Makefile within 1 hour.  Someone succeeds to start running make.  It had been a very nice first step :).
Abe-san is giving an advice about a building step

As a suppliment, I told about very basic of building on Windows.  Unfortunately, I couldn't build LibreOffice on Windows because of lack of my Windows development environments, but building steps seemed much easier than one year ago.

Then we took a coffee break (good coffee from TULLY'S and cheesecake), and we've some lightning talk.  We had four talks:

  • Why we choose LibreOffice? (comparing another software) -- Mr. Senoo
  • Building in OOo era -- Mr. Nakamoto
  • Want to fix the font matching algorithm of LibO! -- Mr. Takeyama
  • LibO in Web 3.0 era -- Mr. Kondoh
  • What's EasyHacks? -- N. Ogasawara

Everything was good :)

Mr. Ryo Onodera had a great talk about LibreOffice building on *BSD with pkgsrc build system; famous build system used on NetBSD, but supports other systems.  He is a maintainer of pkgsrc itself, and in the former presentation he already succeeded building on NetBSD (see his wonderful slide), so at this talk he picked DragonFlyBSD, FreeBSD and OpenBSD.  Oh yeah, great!
His talk was a little difficult, but very exciting.

The last talk was about Quality Assurance by Mr. Shinji Enoki.  He told about unit test, bug submission in Bugzilla, bug triage, Bug Submission Assistant,..., lots of QA related stuff.  Developing and Quality Assurance has a strong relationship so it was nice wrap-up talk of the event.
Mr. Enoki's talk about QA.

Anyway, it was very good step for LibreOffice Japanese community to have a larger, or international event.  Thanks, all of you!

Our small booth :)

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