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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Getting started...

Alright, I know my English is not well, so please be patient to read poor English if you want to read this blog.  Here is one of my training field :)

Everyday I use LibreOffice and Ubuntu, awesome Free/Libre Open Source Software.  Sometimes I do something (writing articles in Japanese magazines/web media, host / attend events, ...) to promote these software, not only software themselves are good for me, but also people in these communities are very good, kindness.   So I really love them.  This blog is one of such kind of activities.

Currently I'm a member of LibreOffice Japanese Teem so in this blog I mainly will talk about our team activities, but sometimes I'll also write about Ubuntu.

And also I love to consider the future of printing solution.  My former company is a Japanese business equipment vendor that's why I'm still a member of OpenPrinting Japan, sub group of OpenPrinting, focusing on standardize Linux Desktop or any other kind of end-user computing printing solution.
End-user computing environment is now rapidly changed, so printing is also changing.  Not a peer-to-peer connection from an office productive suite in an desktop OS to a printer, but operation is via mobile, data is in cloud, and hundreds of printers you can choose.
It's really exciting time for me, and I believe for you.  Sometimes I will write my consideration about future of printing.

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy my blog!