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Thursday, September 26, 2013

LibreOffice Conference 2013 Milan: Mr. Enoki's presentation

Just short note:

Now we have LibreOffice Conference 2013 Milan (unfortunately I lost a chance to attend this year).

From Japanese Team, Mr, Enoki is in there and his talk is just finished.  Great work!

His talk's theme is little similar as my SFD's one thus I helped to make a part of his slide.  If there are some English mistakes, it might be my fault.  Anyway good talk and discussion.

Well done, Eno-san :)

Software Freedom Day Hong Kong 2013

Thank you so much, FLOSS lovers in Hong Kong!

The 3rd Saturday of September, 21st September 2013, I had a great opportunity to have a lecture in Software Freedom Day Hong Kong, memorial first event in HK.

According to their official site (I'm in the top photo; wear a green shirt -- of course LibreOffice Japanese Team's one), Software Freedom Day (SFD) is:
a global, grassroots effort to educate the public about the importance of software freedom and the virtues and availability of Free and Open Source Software. Local teams from all over the world organize events on the third Saturday in September. 

I had a 40 minute talk at this event as a keynote.  As a member of LibreOffice Japanese Team, I've introduced LibreOffice; product side and community side, and activities in Japan.  Here is a slide.

LibreOffice: outline, and what we are doing in Japan from Naruhiko Ogasawara

I got two good questions from the audience.  I couldn't answer well so Graham Leach caught the questions and his answer seems perfect, but now I want to answer the two questions in my words.
Q1. Why you commit LibreOffice? 
Because it's "our right."
Please consider if you find a bug in the software you use. 
If the software is proprietary, only you can do is just call tech support and get an answer "Oh sorry it's our bug, we'll consider to fix it in next version" or something else. After that, only you can do is wait.
If the software is FLOSS, you can fix it and send the patch to upstream.  Or file it in Bugzilla and you can track everything about the issue.
Your action might help to solve your problem, and any other people who have a same problem. 
Q2. What is a benefit to commit? 
First, it's fun.  It's a very good hobby.  We can feel we are part of evolution ;) 
Second, LibreOffice is very casual, active, easy-to-join project, and it is a good training field to commit any kind of FLOSS project.  Working on FLOSS project is good for young people to grow one's skill up.  And looking really open governance of LibreOffice community is a very good opportunity. This experience will help you if you manage someone else.
Anyway, thanks for everyone helped me in HK or via the net, especially Fred and Pockey.  So awesome days HK!

Travel report follows: TL;DR.