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Saturday, May 31, 2014

GNOME.Asia Summit & FUDCON APAC 2014

I hope someone still watching the blog... :)

I've been Beijin from 23rd to 26th May to attend GNOME.Asia summit & FUDCON APAC 2014 in 24th and 25th.  Actually, I'm not a GNOME guy, but I use Ubuntu (Unity) and Ubuntu uses lots of GNOME components, and this is the biggest FLOSS-desktop related event in the Asia region, that's why I had wanted to join in as a LibreOffice guy.

Anyway, the event had been in the conference hall of Beihang University.  Really a good venue.
Here is a new center building of Beihang Univ.
The conference center is in there.
Really huge building!

I was so stupid to misunderstand the program and I lost some talks in the morning of the first day.  And there was a LibreOffice talk...  But fortunately, someone introduced the speaker Mr. Yifan Jiang and we had been able to discuss how to collaborate Asian LibreOffice communities.
Photo with Yifan (right side. Left side is me)

He had been in SUSE booth and SUSE guys are now preparing to have a openSUSE Asia Summit 2014 in October, so I hope I'll meet him in the summit :).

Other interesting talks we had.  I don't have enough time and English skill to describe all of them, but short summary is:
  • RMS's keynote was really impressed, although I know most of his propositions in FSF's site.  Even if his opinion is so radical (for example, anyone should not write proprietary code to get money), I seemed he was very casual one with enough witness.
  • New input method talk by Daiki Ueno and Anish Patil.  IM is the very important DE component for Japanese (and maybe for Chinese) to use DE.
  • Great talk about Ansible and Docker.
  • I had a good opportunity to inspect inside of the GNOME Foundation in the session "Ramblings from the governing body of the GNOME Foundation."  GNOME Foundation is the elder foundation than The Document Foundation and the governance seems so sophisticated (for example, rules about travel fees in each event such as GNOME. Asia itself).  I think we can learn something from us.
I want to add a thing that lots of people want to have GNOME.Asia in Japan!  Yeah!
But right now I feel it's little hard job for GNOME people in Japan and I can't say "you should do because most of global people wanted" or something.
Anyway, yes, like as a this year's GNOME.Asia (done with FUDCON APAC), works some other communities (of course LibreOffice should be included) together is a good idea.
And dream of myself is to have a LibreOffice Asia conference in the future.  We can share the same goal.  Don't we?

Anyway, I really enjoyed the event, to hear nice talk, to communicate very interesting / fun persons.
And my dream which we'll have a Asian conference of LibreOffice is bigger and bigger.

Thanks all of you who I met :)