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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Preparing LibreOffice mini Conference 2014 Tokyo/Japan

Now we, the Japanese LibreOffice community preparing the event titled "LibreOffice mini Conference 2014 Tokyo/Japan" at 7th, June.  The event will focus to become a LibreOffice developer everyone :)

I'm just trying to build LibO on my Windows environment because no one can spend a time to do that.  I'm a Ubuntu guy so it's a little hard job, but my preparing for the presentation slide about building on Windows is almost done.  It will take 40 minutes.

I also will have another 5 minutes lightning talk about EasyHacks; very good opportunity to become a developer.   I'll make slide after I'm back to home today (right now, it is a morning of 6th, June :).

Anyway, tomorrow we'll have a awesome day, I believe!

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