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Thursday, August 16, 2018

One-day trip for COSCUP x GNOME.Asia x openSUSE.Asia 2018

Last weekend (precisely, Aug. 11th and 12th 2018), COSCUP x GNOME.Asia x openSUSE.Asia 2018, one of the largest FLOSS-related conference in Eastern Asia this year, has done with huge success, gathered many attendees not only from Asian regions but also outside of Asia.

I had only attended the Sunday the conference because of unfortunate reason, but I really had enjoyed the day!

The slide of my presentation for openSUSE.Asia track is here.

As the title mentions, I would like to tell average Linux users to use the modern packaging system (in this context, Flatpak or AppImage) instead of using TDF rpm/deb packages with dnf, zypper or apt, if you want to follow a latest Fresh version of LibreOffice.  Some reasons it couldn't attract many people, It was a good opportunity for me to summarize these systems.
Right now I haven't switched them from distro-official one (LibO 6.0) on my Ubuntu bionic desktop yet because of my laziness, but I'll move to Snap or Flatpak, not using classical PPA build.

Shinji Enoki also from Japan had a talk to summarize LibreOffice CJK issues status and said so many thanks to Mark Hung, who is solved several CJK issues in LibO 6.1.  Of course, I also would like to say thanks to him :).
In this session, we had a little time to discuss how to encourage each language community (for us from Japan and Daehyun Sung from South Korea, or else).  Of course, it's a difficult question to answer, but we can do something together to do so I guess.  What we can do with is a good discussion point in Tirana I guess ;).

[UPDATE 2018.8.16] I forgot to mention one more thing which is important for Japanese users; Support new era (next to Heisei) of the Japanese calendar.  Mark Hung also tell us this has been already (almost) done and may need a small modification after the new era will be decided.  Here is a commit  Thanks, Eike!

And we have a small booth to introduce Japanese FLOSS communities (to me, LibreOffice and Selenium users community JP) for (mainly) Asian people.
Advertisement: Selenium world conference SeleniumConf 2019 will be in Tokyo. We are preparing the site for now, and Call for proposal for sessions will be opened soon.

I only had one day (because my flight 10th evening was canceled and the extra flight departed 11th evening) but really had a great time.  Thanks, friends who I met and see you around!

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