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Saturday, October 8, 2016

LibreOffice Conference 2016 Brno (or my hospital life in Czech)

Time is passing too fast.  Almost one month ago, LibreOffice community had an annual conference in Brno, Czech
Entrance. Welcome to LibreOffice Conference 2016 Brno!

Beautiful venue

Unfortunately, I had fever quite and strong pain in my left leg ("erysipel" according to my medical certificate) while the date, and I had stayed the hospital while the conference...
I had been the University Hospital Brno from 7th to 10th Oct.

The gate of hospital.  Thanks for everyone!

I'm so sorry you all LibreOffice friends worrying about me.  Now I'm (almost) fine.  My left leg is still swollen little bit, but no pain.  I live my life as usual :)

It was little sad that I missed most of interesting talks in the conference, I had to absent most of interesting events within the dates.  However, it was good opportunity to me that I could observe our community from different aspect.

I proud that I'm a part of the brilliant community.  All of you are awesome!  I can't express well with my English how I appreciate you.  Thanks to Czech local team, especially Tomas and Jiri, my doctor doctor and nurses did anything perfectly to cure me, although I couldn't understand any Czech language and my English is not fluent.

See you in Rome!

(And personally, I have to try Czech beer near future :)

Brno Central Station

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