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Thursday, October 15, 2015

LibreOffice Conference 2015 Aarhus

First, I want to say thanks for every people who I met in Aarhus, especially the local organize team and Sophie :)

So, I've participated an annual conference of LibreOffice, in Aarhus, Denmark.  It was my first visit to the beautiful country and I really enjoyed the days.  Awesome conference it was!

My talk is about vertical writing mode in LibreOffice (mainly Writer).  Here is a slide:

I regret that I couldn't investigate the implementation of vertical writing features in LibreOffice much enough, and the talk is not suitable for the "technical" track, but I hope the talk let someone have interest about Japanese text writing.
my pic during the talk

While the HackFest at Thursday night just after my talk, Caol├ín told me that he already fixed a problem I mentioned.  Although my purpose of the talk was NOT to complain vertical writing issues to developers, it was impressive experience for me.  Cool!

My Japanese buddy, Shinji Enoki, had a talk about a migration case study, in JA Fukuoka city.  I won't tell much detail about the talk because it's not mine ;), but I thought this case study is worth to be known, and Shinji had done well.
many people participated Shinji's talk

I've love to see many of Asian people are there, and there are many kind of NLP tracks.
As I mentioned in the post about openSUSE.Asia Summit last year, we, Asian people, doesn't have a common language and we have to use English same as in global community, however, we can meet together easily in Asian conference like FOSSASIA, COSCUP, GNOME.Asia, ... than attending Europe / North American conferences, and easy to talk via chat because of less time difference.  Please keep in touch in our new IRC channel #libreoffice-nlp or else :).

It's hard to explain about many interesting talks, tasty meals, good people and exciting community.  Again thanks so much and see you all next year in Brno!

... And one more thanks to my AirBnB host, Jonus :).

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