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Monday, January 19, 2015

Japanese LibreOffice Online Activities

In the post, I want to summarize the online activities of the LibreOffice Japanese community.

On The Document Foundation infrastructure

We, LibreOffice Japanese Team (Japanese Native Language Project), currently focus on the activities.  Having an information / communication hub is very important to energize our community we believe, and TDF infra is the best place to do that.

Mainly we maintained:
  • list - "every" announce in announce@d.o has been translated on time.  Great work, Abe-san!
  • list - talking about Japanese LibreOffice community, preparing events, or some translation works.
  • list - list for Japanse LibreOffice users.
  • Askbot - launched since last August.  Quite a good Q&A site.
  • wiki.d.o/JA - Wiki for Japanese regional information.
  • (of course we have translated some wiki.d.o materials to Japanese)

Social Networks

Nowadays, SNSes, like Twitter, Facebook and Google+, are very important communication tool in our everyday life.  We maintained several our "official" accounts in Japanese language:
  • @LibreOffice_Ja (Twitter) - LibreOffice Japanese Team account.  Some announcements such as release, Japanese events.
  • @LibreOfficeJa (Twitter) - news feed of LibreOffice Japanese content, from users@ja.l.o list or else
  • LibreOffice(Japanese) (Facebook):  LibreOffice Japanese Team page, provides information from global blog, announcements, or introducing events in Japan.
  • LibreOffice meetups (Facebook): a page for the people have an interest to involve LibreOffice meetup / study party in Japan.  Now I have a plan to switch this from FB page to FB group
  • LibreOffice Hamanako Study Party (Facebook)
I don't know why we haven't Google+ account...  It's better to have this, I suppose.

Blogs, ...

There are several good LibreOffice materials in Japanese.  Some of this can see in TDF planet (includes my blog).

The oooug, which is the Japanese very historic FLOSS office suite (mainly LibreOffice, former, has the site with very nice materials, and their own SNS.  But unfortunately, they seem less active now...

Some end users publish their own LibreOffice materials, such as:
I might miss some, however, done is better than perfect ;).  Please tell me if you have any additional info.  Thanks!

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