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Sunday, December 22, 2013

LibreOffice hack-a-thon Tokyo #1

Yesterday we've done our first LibreOffice hack-a-thon in Tokyo!
It also might a first one in Japan.

Thanks to all attendees (almost 15 people in there, and one via the net), and KDDI Web communications to sponsored us with providing their great seminar room!

Now our (Japanese) translation team has very urgent status because thousands of our UI translation had been overwritten by French words since last template update in Pootle (it might be my fault...), so most of people (includes myself) work about UI translation.
Some of us investigated LibreOffice bugs (they are really "hack" LibreOffice),  or translate TDF wiki, or writing some macros in LibreOffice.

At 3pm., we've taken a coffee break.  A good break and discussion time.  Look!  Our sponsor has a really nice bar!

Then we've continued to each works.
Personally, I've spent most of time to translate (actually submit hundreds of suggestions by other people), but the most important work is that Mr. Mogi told me how to use Gerrit system.  I believe I'll take care of some Easy Hacks near future.  Thanks, Mogi-san!

Around 7:30pm., the pizza had delivered, then we've done all of works and enjoyed pizza, beer, wine, ...  and of course talking about LibreOffice.  Yeah, good party we had.  Sorry, I'm not a good photographer, this photo is very similar to above one ;).

Last 15 min, Mr. Kamataki had short talk about ODF edit feature of ownCloud 6.  It's so nice feature except we can't edit in Japanese :).  We'll check how the awesome product improves.
(Sorry I forgot to take some picture during the talk...)

Anyway, everything done, over 1000 translation was finished (and over 300 new suggestions had remained at that time).  I can't believe that!  Wow!

And very very fun time for everyone.  I'll prepare next hack-a-thon soon (I hope!).

Today's update

Some of us had a free time so we want to continue the work remains.  Four people (includes me) gathered at noon, eaten lunch and translate hard and hard till 7pm.  Finally we've submitted about 1000 (300: yesterdays, 700: new!).
We had a two-days hack-a-thon.  Well done, but little tired :)


  1. Hi Naruhiko,

    Thanks for your report and the beautiful :) pictures. Inspiring to read and I hope most translations get done and that there will be less problems next time !


    1. Hi Cor,

      It's my pleasure if you feel my report interesting. At the event, not only about translations but also another hacking we did well, and keep nice pace about remaining translations.
      I hope I prepare another event soon.