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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Open Source Conference 2013 Nagoya

Nagoya is very interesting city in Japan.  People in Nagoya has lots of special culture; great morning set in coffee shops (kissa-ten), yummy foods, and in computer world, they love functional programming and BSD ;)

Anyway, this post is short summarized translation of the Japanese report on TDF wiki.  I've not attend, but I hope you may know how active Japanese LibreOffice community is by my (not good) English translation.  Enjoy!

In June 22th, 2013, we, LibreOffice Japanese team, attended Open Source Conference (OSC) Nagoya 2013 (short note; OSC is most famous events series in Japan).  We had a booth and Mr. Tamakoshi, Mr, Kondo and Mr. Enoki had been there.

Lots of people had been there (over the 600!), and our 70 flyer was gone at 2pm (2hr earlier closing the event).  Wow!

Many people coming our booth already use LibreOffice.  We have few questions about development of LibreOffice.  And we had a discussion with a sightless user coming our booth about Japanese a11y environment of Linux desktop with LibreOffice.  It's so impressive.

We also had a 45min seminar of current status of LibreOffice; the room is little bit close (30 seat), but over the 20 people had attended.  Great!
Sorry that only 1/3 people used LibreOffice, and some people didn't know the name.  Oh my, here is a FLOSS event... We need to continue promotion in the FLOSS world (and non-FLOSS world, both).

Anyway, good event.   Here is a presentation (Japanese).

Thanks for coming. See ya!

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