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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sorry to long time nothing... Just say hello

I have very short time to write this post; so it is just "coming soon (I hope)" programs.

First, as you know, I'm a LibreOffice guy, not a developer but a translator or something outreaching by hosting meetups or something.
I believe everyone already read Kohei-san's great blog article "Open Source Conference 2013 in Tokyo," it is good report of our memorable one step; first whole-day event about LibreOffice in Japan.  His article is perfect, nothing to add from me as an attendees, but I was one of the staff of the event, so I want to tell something from backyard of the event.

Then, another side of my face is "printing guy," I always think about future of printing how end users (especially from desktop and from mobile) do that, and what kind of changes will be coming.  We have annual event about such kind of theme, "Printing Summit," sorry I have no time so please see their official sites:

But in short, some printing guys will gather and discuss now and future of printing from Linux, Mobile, Cloud, so what kind of middleware, cloud services we need, and what kind of standard schemas, protocols should be implemented inside each printers.  This event will have in Apple office Cupertino, CA, opposite side of their current HQ.

Happy to say I decided I'll attend the meeting (as a private; it's my hobby, not work :). So I will write short report of this, if I will be able to catch entire discussions with my (not good English) ears.

Sorry for trivial post.  I hope see you soon!

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